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Statement on Intimate Partner Violence by KIA — July 24, 2011

Statement on Intimate Partner Violence by KIA

Sisters of Resistance are actively involved in groups working to combat patriarchy, one of which is currently in the process of developing a statement addressing intimate partner violence in the local activist community.

To create our statement, we drew upon the advice of Seattle activist group KIA (Khmer in Action), who, inspired by our sista Robin Suhyung Park’s Open Letter to Community Organisers and Activists released earlier this year, produced the below statement documenting troubling accounts of abuse and harassment but also offering excellent advice for communities working to address this serious and widespread issue.

Spread knowledge. Spread love.

TRIGGER WARNING – The letter documents experiences of intimate partner violence, abuse and harassment and may be triggering.

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Women We Admire: Grace Lee Boggs — May 3, 2011

Women We Admire: Grace Lee Boggs

Who: In hono(u)r of Asian-Pacific Islander American (APIA) History Month, Sisters of Resistance celebrates the inspiring and revolutionary life and continued work of Grace Lee Boggs, 95-year-old philosopher and activist whose seven decades of movement-building experience have helped to shape American activism.

Grace Lee Boggs
“Instead of pursuing economic productivity, we need to expand our uniquely human powers, especially our capacity for the Love that is ready to go to any length to restore community.” – Grace Lee Boggs

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