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The Mike Brown Story: A Young Man Murdered, A Community Terrorized #NMOS14 — August 15, 2014

The Mike Brown Story: A Young Man Murdered, A Community Terrorized #NMOS14


Father of Mike Brown, 9 Aug 2014
Father of Mike Brown, 9 Aug 2014

On the afternoon of Saturday, August 9th, 2014, 18-year-old Michael Brown was murdered in cold blood by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The black community of Ferguson rallied in protest, and was met with a fully militarized police force with tanks, riot gear and sniper rifles using tear gas, stun grenades, and smoke bombs to disperse crowds, techniques taken directly from the military arsenal.

Most traditional media sources were silent about the shooting and the violent police response to the peaceful protests. Media outlets that did attempt to cover the story were threatened and tear-gassed, as was a state senator. Journalists and the St Louis Alderman were arrested without cause, and released without charge. Thus, people took to Twitter to provide coverage of the events.

The people’s outrage at these latest acts of terrorism by the state against its own citizens is palpable and justified. Black Americans are disproportionately harassed, intimidated, incarcerated, and murdered at the hands of the police in the United States. Yet when the people show collective anger in response, they are demonized and portrayed one-dimensionally as rioters and looters, which in turn is used to further reinforce racist narratives and justify the use of more force against them.

Vigils were held all over the US tonight to mourn Michael Brown and the many other recent black victims of racist police brutality, including Eric Garner, John Crawford, and Ezell Ford.  Thank you to Feminista Jones who began the #NMOS14 Twitter campaign that was used to organize the vigils, the journalists who shared their accounts of the events, the bloggers who put the Ferguson events in historical and social context, the countless members of the public who used social media to signal-boost coverage of the story as well as of the nationwide vigils, and to members of Anonymous who hacked the city of Ferguson website (and will likely do more than that before this is through).

We salute the residents of Ferguson and St. Louis who in these past few days have shown tremendous courage and stood up to the veritable army that is the St. Louis police force, and we share our outrage, sorrow, and solidarity with all those around the world who have been victimized by state and police violence.

UPDATE: is calling for the immediate prosecution and firing of all officers involved in the killing of Michael Brown. Sign the petition here.


We would also like to commemorate today the 1-year anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre in Egypt, in which Egyptian forces committed a crime against humanity by murdering nearly 900 people in what may be one of the worst ever violations of international law. We remember those who were killed, while at the same time we condemn the colonialist and imperialist forces that through their tactic of divide-and-conquer created the foundation for civil unrest in Egypt and throughout the Middle East.

Sisters Talking Back (Challenging Dominant Narratives) — June 23, 2012

Sisters Talking Back (Challenging Dominant Narratives)

Sisters of Resistance have recently read some powerful sisters talking back, challenging racist, sexist stereotypes of the dominant white male power structure. 


Lauryn Hill has spoken back against the poisonous nature of the music industry in a powerful statement available here.

Erykah Badu has directly addressed those who seek to badmouth her because of her third child here. 

Lastly, this in depth article analyses “respectability politics” and how they can be oppressive for black women in particular, making reference to the racist film The Help and Erykah Badu. 

The End of Poverty? (2008 film) — December 31, 2011
March for the Alternative – Report — March 27, 2011

March for the Alternative – Report

We were encouraged by the huge turn out, carnival atmosphere and sense of determination yesterday.

Sisters of Resistance were pleased to meet and hang out with inspiring women-led, environmentalists Climate Rush who remind us all that direct action gets results (it got women the vote);  we were also honoured to march (and dance) along side Global Women’s Strike and were happy to have exchanged contact details with these two groups. We were glad that the fact Unison and PCS have majority female membership was reflected on the demonstration and we hope that as the anti-cuts movement grows women will continue to play a crucial role and will be able to raise the important issues of equal pay, child care and men’s violence through and as a part of this wider struggle.

Sisters of Resistance categorically denounce the violence used by the police towards the end of the demonstration. We repeatedly reminded them that their “jobs are next” throughout the day, but they ignored our warnings and instead proved their complicity in the system that also oppresses them. More on their violent behaviour here. Inspired by our Zimbambwian sisters Woza, who repeatedly show their police that love will conquer hate, Sisters of Resistance sang along to a live performance of Waiting in Vain while changing the words slightly to probe the police as to when they are going to realise where their class loyalties lie. We won’t be holding our breath, this is not Wisconsin. Yet.

As promised, pics of the (now famous) Sisters of Resistance placard

in action!

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