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GZA Convinces Wu-Tang Clan to Cut Out Meat

11 Jan

Wu-Tang Clan Says: Meat Ain't Nothin ta F*ck Wit .

Add another one to the list…we’ve just caught word that GZA from the Wu-Tang Clan is a vegetarian and advocate of a raw food diet. Not only that, but he’s convinced members of his crew (specifically, DJ Mathematics, RZA, MastaKilla and SoR’s personal favorite, Method Man) to join him in the meat-free lifestyle.

GZA, Vegetarian Ambassador of Hip-Hop.

Check out this interview with him on Eater.com where the double-platinum artist discusses raw food and other edibles, being veggie on the road, and recommends his favorite vegetarian spots throughout the US.

Thanks to Kevin Tillman of Upsetting the Setup for posting.

How to go Vegan

25 Mar

Going vegan is one of the best and most ethical decisions you can make. It involves not eating the flesh of dead animals or any products taken from them whilst alive (milk, eggs etc). It also involves not wearing animal products, (such as leather, fur, wool etc), and not using products that have been tested on animals, (such as personal hygiene products, cleaning products and cosmetics.) To help you along, here’s some facts, resources and tasty recipes.

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