SA-ROC: END-US-TRY (industry)


(Hello? Hello?) Is this thing on?

Is this the microphone I’m gon’ make history on?

There must be something better than this sh*t we on

Well, if it isn’t, pack my things, coz that’s it, we gone

See, see, I know the game is rather different these days

But, I never thought that thinking would become passé

… that that a sale in booty would become class A

And that the realest MCs would become plastic

Are we so eager for success we to see (?)

Wash our hands so we can our break bread and bed with the thieves

Turn our heads so we can’t see the broken hearts of the seeds

Creating fantasy so that we forces ourselves to believe, believe

How you bleed? Is their fluid left in your veins?

Or do they keep you on the tap for sacrificing your name?

Is the money good enough to keep from going insane?

Or do veneers cover up the jagged edge of your shame? Dayum.


Industry shady you need to be taking over (scratch) Think about it (scratch) There’s a war going on (scratch)

Every time I hear a brother call a girl  b*tch or a h*

x 2


Now, now, just let me know if I am getting to deep

I wouldn’t want you drowning just because you can’t keep up up

With what I’m saying coz your mind is still sleep

Just just move it more quickly coz (?) your feet

Why are you so damn offending that I’m talking to you?

I’m the one who get objectified by you and your crew

You say the only rap I have is fricking (?)

And if I wanna get into it, then Ms Conscious won’t do

I understand but still it hurt just the same

You did a disrespected (?) with your sorry life cane (?)

Finding comfort in my bosom then you call me a “ho”

Is that why you  feel compelled to laugh and shout “no homo”?

I’m getting mixed signaling off the back

This misogyny is turning out androgynous cats

Rocking fitted skinny denim, chest is covered with tats

I’m confused, tryna figure, where they do that sh*t at?


You walking with your head down, scared to look, now, tell me that aint insecure (scratch)

Every time I hear a brother call a girl  b*tch or a h*, don’t make me hafta call your name out

x 2


Well I guess it’s the inevitable thing they gon’ say

“She just mad coz she writing what what the stations won’t play”

Yea I’m pissed at the dj’s less (?) intelligent raps

True (?) to spin nonsensical irrelevant raps

And I know it’s rotating for a reason son

it’s the record label heads you appeasing son

That unseen hand that controls the waves

so let them beat pattern system (?) make a modern day slave

Here they go again, talking that conscious ish

I’m amazed at (?) your wooden consciousness

You can spit 16 bout your beautiful swag

But you didn’t know a thing about the war in the Sudan

’till Caucasian celebrities made it they bag

To show us how little poor little Africans have

I’m just saying aint no use in powerless we using (?)

All I wanna know what the hell happened to the music?


I do this for my culture, label owners hate me I’m raising the status quo up x3,

Who’s the real criminals? FBI spying on us, Bring the power back to the street where the people live

All that thug rapping and gimmicks,

I excel then prevail.


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