For our final post of 2011, we would like to thank all of the readers who have made Sisters of Resistance a success in our first year by sharing with you this important film that we believe captures or touches upon many of the issues of injustice currently facing the world at large. “The End of Poverty?” is a 2008 film by Philippe Diaz that traces the history of global poverty from 1492 and the beginning of colonisation to the neoliberal, neocolonial economic policies of today. Featuring numerous interviews ranging from indigenous workers in Bolivia to the former vice-president of the World Bank, this film details the way the Global South has been systematically privatised and pillaged and the majority of its people locked into profoundly unjust economic conditions, facing generation after generation of debt.

We recommend this film for anyone who desires a more thorough understanding of the intersections and relationships between colonisation, capitalism and structurally enforced poverty and violence. It is also intended for those who are not yet familiar with the systemic oppression we oppose, in solidarity with the masses of the Global South and indigenous people worldwide who continue to resist, living and dying daily to preserve their cultures, way of life, and relationship to the land.

Thanks also to revolutionary MC and educator @akalamusic for hipping us to this film. We express our sincerest intention for greater solidarity with marginalised peoples and allies in the year to come, and continued resistance to oppression, until we are all free.

Further resources:

Toolkit for Intersecting Violences: Globalization and the Feminization of Poverty. Central American Women’s Network