How to Tell if Your Man is Cheating: Part 3 – Psychology

31 Aug

To complete our How to Tell If Your Man is Cheating series, Sisters of Resistance have compiled information on the psychological and emotional profiles of men who cheat, based upon real-life experiences collectively referred to as relationship field research. In this article, we answer the questions:

         “What kind of man cheats?”

         “How does the cheating show up in his emotions?”

         “What are the structural inequalities that enable men to cheat?”

         “What does this mean for me?”

We hope these insights will help our readers to identify cheating men, as well as reveal why, if they have been cheated on, it is not their fault.

Part 1: LIES

Part 2: Behavioural Patterns and Other Evidence

What kind of man cheats?

Below are some of the personality characteristics we have found in men who cheat. They may exhibit some or all of these characteristics in various combinations, with different aspects rising to the surface at different times.

Egotistical. The egotistical cheating man cheats because he thinks he’s the shit. He feels entitled to have sex or relationships with multiple women, or, in extreme cases, whoever he wants, whenever he wants.

He cheats for the thrill, because it strokes his ego and plays into his arrogance. He has no problems cheating with whoever he is attracted to, and he will regularly cheat when he/his partner is away or traveling. He thinks he can do no wrong, until he is caught, but sometimes not even then.

Insecure. The insecure cheating man feels inherently inferior, either to his partner or other men. He may have had a bad relationship with his father, brothers, or schoolmates, subject to teasing, bullying, harassment or abuse. This may coincide with the fact that his partner makes more money, is more intelligent, charming, or attractive, has a better family or social life, or is more capable, accomplished or respected than him. This further deflates his naturally low self-esteem, so he cheats to make himself feel better.

In Denial. Men who cheat do not consider the feelings of the person they are cheating on. Most are simply not thinking about the consequences of their actions, with many believing they have done nothing wrong. This is a serious state of denial, which will continue even after being caught.

Sexual Shame. Men who cheat may have sexual desires that they are too ashamed to reveal to a partner. They may be addicted to sex, porn or aroused by people or fetishes they would never bring up around others. These men cheat to fulfill these sexual urges secretly, and may frequent sex workers, chat with or meet partners online, cheat at sex parties or clubs, or travel far from home to cheat.

False Beliefs about Men and Women. Men who cheat generally hold – consciously or subconsciously – many untrue beliefs about women and men. These sexist lies are present in and reinforced by many areas of society, from the family to media, business, education and government, and will likely include variations on the following:

“Women are…”

  1. worth less than men
  2. not as intelligent as men
  3. incapable of thinking for themselves
  4. better off doing what men say
  5. not sexual beings
  6. too emotional
  7. impossible to satisfy
  8. either hos or housewives
  9. bitches if they stand up for themselves
  10. “sluts”/“slags”/“skets” if they enjoy sex

“Men are…”

  1. better than women
  2. smarter/more capable/more rational than women
  3. driven to cheat because of “hormones”
  4. “naturally” more sexual than women and so should have more partners
  5. incapable of monogamy
  6. “playboys” or “players” if they have many sexual partners
  7. more deserving of love,  affection, and sex than women
  8. entitled to “approve” of women, their looks, dress, habits or actions
  9. entitled to seek sexual satisfaction whenever they desire
  10. “just being men” (also “Boys will be boys”)

Men who believe these lies will rely on them to justify their deep-seated sexism and cheating behaviour.

For more info: virgin/whore dichotomy, the “it’s just hormones” thing, patriarchy

How does the cheating show up in his emotions?

Attention/affection. Many women have reported a significant increase in the level of attention and affection their man gives them, later realising that he had been cheating. He may have been feeling guilty for his actions or trying to convince you that nothing was wrong, in order to ease any suspicions.

Fear and guilt. Men who cheat may feel guilt at their actions or subconsciously fear being found out. Because patriarchy teaches men that cheating is normal, that they have a right to sex and that guilt is no big deal, these emotions are repressed and can often emerge as something even more harmful, like jealousy or anger.

Jealousy and possessiveness. Jealousy and possessiveness are what happens when a cheating man’s guilt and fear are projected onto their partner. Although patriarchy encourages men to be possessive, men who become intensely, unusually jealous or possessive could be projecting their guilt about cheating. These men may try to deflect blame by accusing you of being unfaithful.

Some dominating men will try to use “jealousy” as an excuse for a woman not to heed the advice of friends and family who are advising her that he is cheating or to leave him, e.g. “Don’t listen to her — she’s just jealous. I’m the one you should believe.” (See also: Lies About Other Women.)

Your friends and family have no reason to lie about your man cheating, but he does. His possessiveness and manipulative ways of separating you from healthy relationships in your life are attempts to cover his tracks and make you emotionally dependent on him.

Anger. Deep down, men who cheat are usually angry at themselves for any or all of the reasons listed above – they hate their overinflated ego, they are insecure, they feel guilty for cheating on someone they love or they are afraid of being caught. But because patriarchy does not provide any productive way for men to cope with these feelings honestly, they get suppressed until they merge into one confused, angry emotional mass. Sudden shouting, intimidation, abuse or other dominance tactics, although always unacceptable, can also be a sign that he is hiding something.

What are the structural inequalities that keep men cheating?

Unfortunately, basic systems of social organization in place in the world today encourage heterosexual men to cheat by way of the messages they promote and reinforce through society and culture.

Patriarchy. The systematic or institutional (political, economic, social & cultural) domination of men over women.

Sexism. The attitude that women are inferior to men and the actions that occur as a result of this attitude, e.g. the double standard: “player” vs. “slag”

Misogyny. The hatred of women – a direct result of centuries of patriarchy and sexism, e.g. sexist stereotypes, violence against women.

Capitalism. This economic system considers a person’s worth or value to be equal to their possessions. Since under patriarchy, women are nothing but men’s property, the more women a man “has” in a capitalist system, the more he feels he is worth.  This can also go the other direction: the more a man feels he is worth, the more women he believes he is entitled to “have.” 

What does this mean for me?

The number one thing to remember when dealing with a man who is cheating on you is that You have done nothing to deserve this. His cheating has nothing to do with your looks, your sex appeal, your intelligence, your behaviour, how you treat him, your history, your family, your life together, or how good you are in bed.

What it does mean is that this man has a fundamentally disrespectful attitude towards women.  He believes that his partner doesn’t deserve to be told the truth or to be respected. And you don’t need anyone like that in your life.

As we’ve seen, men who cheat are egotistical, insecure, ashamed, in denial or deluded about women, men or likely both. These are emotional conditions that are a part of him because of the society we live in, and as such, they existed long before you ever met him. So what happens because of them cannot be your responsibility, and is not your fault.

If you are not sure if he is cheating, the fact that you suspect it enough to search for information online is a sure signal that you are sensing something different or unusual in your relationship. Believe what your body tells you, confront him with the evidence and leave him.

27 Responses to “How to Tell if Your Man is Cheating: Part 3 – Psychology”

  1. Andy September 5, 2011 at 10:41 pm # <— Shame gets turned into anger because anger is the only emotion men are permitted to feel in patriarchy.

    Can you answer the question as to why men cheat, rather than seeking open or polyamorous relationships? That's the thing which seems odd to me, why do they keep pretending monogamy when they don't seriously aspire to it, believe in it, or in some cases even believe it's possible? (Maybe to enforce it in the other direction? Is power-asymmetry key?)

    • Sista Resista September 24, 2011 at 2:03 am #

      Your perception seems well founded, hetero open relationships that are truly open on both sides or poly relationships in which the woman has multiple lovers are a major threat to patriarchy — threatens the inheritance order. Likely it’s the influence of this history that is keeping men cheating instead of working to transform relationship norms — you know, “if it’s not broke…”

      Thanks as always for your insights.

  2. somechick May 20, 2012 at 12:14 am #

    It blows my mind how cheating men (boys really) will lie and deny even after being caught. I seriously think the thrill of gettin away with something without “mommy” knowing is part of why they do it. It’s like they fear & envy women’s ability to get willing sexual partners without much effort, so they cheat any chance they get..IF they think they’ll get away with it. A cheating man cheats his partner & the other woman- by destroying trust & treating women as objects to be used & discarded. What we dont know can hurt the most. It’s traumatizing to realize your belief in another person is fake, false, a lie, meant to trick & mislead.

  3. elaine January 5, 2013 at 1:14 am #

    iv asked my boyfreind if hes cheating he gets very defensive avoids wat im asking him keeps saying got a low sex drive all the time hes always tired and seems very stressed and anxious just lately i no he lies and hes in denial teling me he loves me more and wen he txts me and i dnt reply he rings me it just prooves he sending texts to another women i think met her online such a pathetic man must think im soooo daft lying cheating idiotic so cald man whos 48 and goin back to his youth trying stay young how pathetic iv told him wake up to reality and stop living in a fantasy world and go blagg sumone elses head nt mine o feel btr now got that off my chest thanks x

  4. shell April 20, 2013 at 12:53 pm #

    denial : you forget one thing, self denial! I just put it all together as the words rolled out of his mouth!,.yet i knew all along,..the love i was feeling, was holding me back., the excuses, the partial truths,.the honest things he told me all fed my denial! I shoved back the lies i knew were there, because love was in my way, I used denial!, My heart ached, and now is broken,..My love was not taken for granted because i lived in denial!,.. I couldnt accuse , I could not say !,.but all along i i really knew it!., im angry! im mad! I want to kick and shout!,.the thing is im not mad at him after so much thought,. im mad at self for allowing the denial!,.I had a choice all along, i choose to deny it!!!…the hurt rocks me, the thoughts pleage me, now let the torment begin! every conversation ill pick apart,. the past like a knife to the heart,..I chose to feel sorry for the one who will lose me,.I will still be me in the end, but he will be without me!.

  5. Dee C. August 11, 2013 at 10:05 am #

    My daughter is involved with a man who left his pregnant girlfriend for her a year ago. I notice that he won’t let my daugher go to a movie or visit with any guy friends or have any guy friends. She has managed to keep her one best guy friend so far. He gets mad at her if she goes anywhere without him. He expects her to stay home when he is out (at work, at his friends or wherever). He gets mad at her if she goes anywhere without him. He has made her stay home with him many times against her will when she wanted to go out with friends. He even gets mad at her if she doesn’t feel like cuddling with him when he wants to cuddle. One day it was so hot, she told him it’s too hot to cuddle . I’ve heard him swearing at her and giving her heck for being in contact with her male friends. He says I don’t want to loose you to her. Just today, he told her he was going to spend the weekend with his mom cause its her birthday and he told his friends not to tell her that he was with his ex-girlfriend. His friends told my daughter what he said. She is so hurt. She is only 18 and he is 21.

  6. robin July 12, 2014 at 11:04 pm #

    I am with a man that looks at other woman when I am with him. He has dis respected me in different ways like not introducing me when someone he knows approaches him. He has made it clear to me that he has never cheated and he is not that kind of guy. I feel like I need to leave him ….i do not trust him am I being paranoid?

    • Sista Resista July 13, 2014 at 12:05 am #

      If you feel like you need to leave him, trust those gut feelings. They won’t lead you astray! You deserve to be with someone who respects you in a way you can feel and see.

    • Loyal Wife August 22, 2014 at 7:24 am #

      Been w my husband over twenty years. He disrespected me and lied to me from the very start. Lies, manipulations, flirting, blatantly checking women out, ignoring me while flirting. I admit to being a fool. Always in denial and convincing myself that, if I was a perfect wife/lover/mother to our kids, he would realize and stop. Well, he did not. He left me for a colleague and made me feel like it was my fault! I took him back after promises and apologies. It has been three years and I thought things were fine. But how fine?… I snuck on to his email and found emails sent to a hotel lounge singer. Again, when confronted, it’s my fault and nothing happened. So, learn from my mistakes ladies. I senses trouble right from the start and discounted myself. I am now 45, insecure, suffer from anxiety, all because my husband is and always has been a cheater. It’s easier to leave in the early days, now I have kids and live overseas. So many men are awful. How they treat women in asia is an eye opener and these women will do anything for a white man who has money. I wish I listened to my intuition as I was bang on right.

    • Loyal Wife August 22, 2014 at 7:27 am #

      Trust your intuition.

  7. betie September 8, 2014 at 7:07 am #

    I have a man who claims to be in love with me yet he has a son and awife but he said that marrying that lady was a mistake and i also do love him but i think that one day he will leave me though he promised me that it will never happen to leave me….what should i do???

    • Cornita March 28, 2015 at 11:37 pm #

      Sweetheart that man will never leave is family. He just saying that my advice to you is get your own man and tell him you do not won’t him to leave his family. Cause trust in believe if he do leave he going to do you the same way…. I learn this cause my best friend thought the same thing and I see thing like this happened all the time.

  8. Lisa November 21, 2014 at 10:45 am #

    After three years I found messages on fb and in his phone from his ex girlfriend and he was saying real nasty things about me to her that were not true , he was basiclly egging her on to say horrible things about me . She also sent nude pictures of herself and of her playing w herself to him and he still had the emails containing the photos in hi phone after three years . He had also sent her photos of his work place and our daughter who had just been born. The next thing I found was he signed up for websites like loney married man and local singles websites and tryed saying he hit a button by accedent but he even had a user name that was half of a nickname his buddies gave him along time ago . Now four months after confronting him he still had her nude picture emails and he is still on websites that he had been looking at today. The other thing he does is click out of his phone when I walk into the room real fast and he is always accusing me of gonna find someone else or he not good enough for me and he always thinks every guy is hitting on me and I have to notice . He claims every guy that talks to me wants to get in my pants. So far the things I found and called him out on he turns it around as it an accedent or tries saying I’m cheating or he thought I was . But really know he has to be hiding more cause I found these things out buy accedent when using his phone so what is he not telling me cause he never told me about this I found it three years later . What is anyone else’s options please help me I feel like I am not even alive after how he talked about me and allowed his ex when I never met her or never talked to her

    • Natz January 25, 2015 at 10:58 am #

      Get out fast! Once a cheater, always a cheater! There’s no end to their lies! Been happening to me since I got married. You’ll never trust him ever again. You can find someone who will be faithful. Move on

    • Cornita March 28, 2015 at 11:44 pm #

      Well listen to your heart/mind. When a man accuse you of cheating it mean that he is cheating. Never let a man tell you dumb things like that. Start putting on clothes and fixing ur face even if u not going nowhere. You will get his attention and one more then you can get another man never think you can not.

  9. Clarissa November 24, 2014 at 2:03 pm #

    I’m in a long distant relationship that started out with him in the same city I lived in. We’ve kept in touch over the last year and the last month what was a ritual in how we communicated took a 360 degree turn…and not for the better. I’ve caught him in lies, and it amazes me how quickly they forget what they tell you when it is a lie and then they say something that sheds light that what he told you originally was a lie. Some of the signs I experienced over the past few weeks is that he wouldn’t take my calls and would always call me back but he wouldn’t be in his hotel room, truck or in his house when he called me back…he’d be in some odd and unusual place like rather than call me back while he’s driving from the truck, he calls me back from the bathroom of a steak house, or outside of the post office, or from the gym (he hasn’t worked out in over the year that I’ve known him, but last week he started working out…hmmm…big red flag to me) He works out of town during the week so he lives in a hotel. So, he’s always called me from his hotel room and we skyped all the time from his room. Last weekend after already suspecting he was with someone the weekend into the week before because of these changed behaviors he knew I was suspecting because of all the questions I had for him. We agreed that we’d skype when he got back to his home that Friday evening from his hotel and we’d Skype Saturday afternoon. I had ask to Skype with him prior to last weekend when I suspected he was playing around and he gave me one reason after another why he couldn’t. So, last Saturday he texts me and tells me that when he got home he found that the FIOS internet was out…haha…ya, it went out last month as well and they sent him a new modem which I knew of…and now it’s conveniently out again!! So,he tells me that Verizon told him that he couldn’t pick up a modem from the store and he asked if he could buy a modem from a store that would work with their FIOS…long story short…it was a lie. So, he tells me he has a few errands to run which I knew of…haircut, pick up his truck that the transmission went out on…which was the start of these last few weeks of speculation. So…2pm rolls around and he texts me that he’s leaving home depot and that he’ll Skype me soon. I was expecting he was going home to do this and a minute after that text my Skype starts ringing and it’s him. I accept and here he is sitting in his truck Skyping me…I was taken back and knew he was Skyping me in the truck because someone…was at the house and he couldn’t skype me there…I was furious…told him that I was not comfortable Skyping him in the truck…leads me to believe that there is someone at the house for why your internet all of a sudden is out and you can’t Skype me from there. He tells me that he knew I wanted to talk so he wanted to Skype me as soon as he finished his errands…BS…he knew I was upset so he tells me he’s going to go to BestBuy to pick up the modem that Verizon told him he could use and he’ll call me back once he gets it up and running about 5pm. He doesn’t call by 5:30 so I call him and he doesn’t answer…then calls me back 10 minutes later and tells me he’s still trying to get it to work but he’s not being successfull. I ask him about something he told me a few weeks ago about moving out of his hotel room into a friends house…and due to the events of that week which him saying he couldn’t call me because he left his phone on his desk at work…then the next day on his drive from Jacksonville to Tampa which we would always talk while he’s driving the 3 1/2 hours home that Friday he wouldn’t take my calls in that three and half hours that Friday…after he forgot his phone at work on Thursday…so then he tells me that he dropped his phone in the toilet as he was leaving work and couldn’t call me. He calls me Saturday from “the Verizon Store” telling me he had to get a new phone. A week later after he supposedly got a new phone…I was questioning him about why he didn’t return my text at work…he tells me his phone died at work…he told me “you remember me telling you I had to buy a new battery for my phone a month a half ago”…I say yes…and then I ask him…”I thought you got a new phone a few weeks ago because you dropped it in the toilet???”….why would a new phone die so quickly when you have it plugged and charged when you leave for work and it is in a new phone with a new battery??? He gave me a lame excuse that the batteries don’t last in these phones…blah…blah…blah…LIE!!! He knew I caught him…so I’m heartbroken obviously…and distraught that I could have been so wrong about him. He continues to pursue me and tell me that nothing is wrong with us…but I’m breaking it off via Skype tonight…he skyped me from his hotel room the other night so the other person must be gone for now…wish me luck and pray for strength…I’m too old for this crap. He’s 59 almost 60 and I’m 54. Who would have thought at this age I’d be standing here with a cheater!

    Thank you for listening…God bless!!

    • Clarissa December 18, 2014 at 4:55 am #

      UPDATE: Sunday, Dec 14th…found the evidence of his discretion’s! Girls…patience and prayer uncovered what my heart, body and soul were telling me for the past month. Facebook is a wonderful thing!! I am a researcher at heart and deep in the bottom of my soul I knew he was cheating…I just couldn’t get the proof being 1,000 miles away.

      Saturday night I prayed and ask the Lord to confirm what my heart was telling and that I needed proof. I had been going to all his families facebook pages to see if I could find anything for the past few weeks and nothing. Sunday, I went to his sister, his brothers, his other sisters and I saw someone show up on each of theirs that I thought might be family. I clicked on her and up opens her facebook page and who do you suppose she’s “In a Relationship with???”…but the man I’ve been dating for the past year!! Yes!! There were also pictures of the two of them going back to 2010. Yes…he’s been dating her for over 4 years.

      I have to say my heart sank at first…I cried tears of pain and tears of elation that I finally was able to confirm everything my heart was telling me! I waited a few days before I told him that I knew about “Grace” and that anything we had is over!! He’s trying to explain the year of lies away saying he has a good reason and once he tells me he knows I will understand…LOL…he’s a bit delusional as well…did I mention that?!!! Nothing he can say can remove the lies…deceit…excuses…hurt…pain…and anguish I have gone through. I told him nothing he could say would change one ounce of how he’s made me feel over the past month and half…nothing!! I have blocked him on phone, text, email ect. and want nothing to do with his egotistical immature self-serving womanizing disrespectful ways!

  10. Sophia41 November 29, 2014 at 4:28 pm #

    Once a heater, ALWAYS a cheater.
    Those who ALLOW it, perpetuate the idea that “cheating is acceptable.”
    The question you need to ask yourself is, “Is it more ‘acceptable’ to me, or to him/her?”

  11. lynn January 8, 2015 at 4:50 am #

    my boyfriend asked me to leave our home for 5 days because he needs time to himself 2 hours later he says that I could come back home because he knew I had nowhere to go I decided that I wanted to go back home but I did not go because I just wanted to give him the time he asked for now that I’m back two and a half weeks later he takes out so much anger on me that i end up sleeping on the couch …. Yelling calling me names telling me to have sex with other men for $ saying he doesn’t care anymore erases his in and outbox texts …he blames me for cheating while i was gone …i wasn’t so it makes me think he was…..need feedback plz… Is he or was he the one cheating?


  12. ELIZAETH MWEWA March 16, 2015 at 2:54 pm #

    we love them but they cover s with lies in the name o love

  13. Stephanie Guzzone March 19, 2015 at 4:56 pm #

    My boyfriend/ baby father has been accusing me on several positions and keeps calling me wanting to know who im with is that a guilt trip or what how do i assume something if i don’t see it for myself

  14. Jessica May 27, 2015 at 6:47 pm #

    I have been in a relationship for ten years with my boyfriend I thought everything was going great but than I looked through his email and saw there was a craigslist posting of him looking for sex he denied it I told him I would leave him He cried telling me he didnt do anything hysterically I chose to believe him than we moved to Georgia and he became terminally ill with MS than I find he was going on craigslist talking nasty to people I was devastated he lied before I found the MSGS than I confronted him he said he did it Because he wanted to explore his openess with sex because he wanted anal in return to this day we are still together but I just cant trust him I dont know If he ever did anything and i doubt he would tell me the truth I need advice.

  15. Jenny B July 8, 2015 at 1:53 am #

    I walked in and my boyfriend was on phone. He had his back turned and had been chatting for a few minutes. I think thatI heard “I love you “so I said “who on the phone and who you love? “He abruptly hung up the phone and said it was the wrong room. I commented that the conversation was long and who you love. He denied the love word and said it was lady next doors daughter and it was accident. I asked him how he knew her and recognized her voice, when last time he had spoken or seen her. He said beenawh since talking, he had talked to her when he got out of jail. The jail release was thtethree years ago. I felt there was more to it, so a few days later, after I prodded, he admitted he used to live with her, but assured me it been years since any interaction. A few weeks later, a friend let me know that “Melinda “had gotten his cell number by calling and seeing if next door neighbors would ask him and he was fine with it. She and him had been talking and she was here one night when he got off phone to talk to her. He swears that he hasn’t lied to me about anything. That I’m crazy. I know better, what you think?

  16. Holly August 12, 2015 at 11:33 pm #

    My boyfriend of 1year hasn’t ever been compassionate, I’ve always been the aggressive one to make anything happen physically, including hugs, nice words or sex or even common conversation, I left him 2 months ago an he was rushed to the hospital with a heart attack just one week after I left. We text an spoke on the phone all day everyday about out relationship an how much we love each other. He expressed to me everything I’ve vet wanted to hear an feel so I went back. It’s been the same as it was before with extras, he now keeps his phone on him even to the shower an has the volume off so I never know when he’s getting a call or text, he is now friends with a female who used to be my friend before I left him is no longer my friend but his an they talk an text everyday, he used to talk about how much he couldn’t stand her an now he talks nice of her an gets angry if I ask him whats going on with him an this female friend. After being back with him for two months he has suddenly been talking to me like a normal person an having conversations with me an sitting next to me while watching t.v. An even resting his head or hand on my lap for the last 4 days now he just started back to work again last Monday an this female friend calls or texts him at work an he just told me last nite not to cause he didn’t no the company rules with cell phones. I’m thinking he hooked up with this girl while I was gone an she’s actually dating his best friend of 30 years an he ha even left me sitting alone to hang out with her when we are out somewhere an they are there also. Yea I think he’s cheating with her an her boyfriend doesn’t know but o don’t have any friends or family to move in with an I haven’t got an income to survive on untily disability starts so I figured I should stay here till my money starts coming in.

  17. melissa February 20, 2016 at 6:25 am #

    Me and my bf were having sex last week and the position we were in my back was towards him, I felt him slowly reaching under the many many pillows that were on the bed to grab his phone. After almost 30 seconds I turned and asked what are u doing he said Nothing as his hands and phone raised up over his head as quick as ever as if I didn’t just see him with his phone, I said why do u have ur phone out n he responded with a slight attitude he was checking the time n then threw it at the end of the bed. YET there is a big digital clock right across from us in plain sight and whenI said that after we finished he said the phone was falling n he grabbed it? But how could he feel it under all those pillows aboutfive or six of them? AND not once has he ever had his phone out during sex and when he did it was to record and it was only a few times and also why would he reach for it so slowly and so sneaky and react like he did if he wasn’t up to something. And his response after was that I’m crazy for thinking he was up to no good n he wasn’t doing anything n he’s not arguing about this. He was very defensive. Do u think he was looking at another girls pictures? Because it was early in the am and I wasn’t really into it. I even had two dreams the two nights before this happened that he was cheating on me, do u think it’s a sign? He lives in a studio apt. Alone and doesn’t go anywhere supposedly and I only get to make it to see him on the weekends. I don’t want to believe he’s cheating but why wouldI get these feelings after a year in? Please help me I’m so lost with this. He even mentioned me moving in before and I told him I couldn’t for my own reasons n then he recently said he may be getting a room mate his girl cousins “friend” I asked if it was a girl n he said probably n I snapped. So far no room mate but how do I know he hasn’t been talking to someone n was goingto move her in? I love him but I hate the constant worry and wonder

    • Sista Resista February 29, 2016 at 2:08 am #

      This guy is scary. If he is messing with his phone while you are having sex you should be suspicious. If he gives no explanation, you cannot trust him.


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