UK students and anti-cuts groups have released a statement linking the riots to the cuts, police brutality and systematic inequality. They call for an investigation into Mark Duggan’s death, the disbanding of the IPCC to be replaced with independent body, and no punishment of rioters with increased sentences, violence or elimination of benefits.

They call for the reversal of the punitive programme of cuts that is targeting most heavily areas of deprivation and marginalised groups, including young people, to be replaced by a policy of positive investment and wealth re-distribution.

They call upon those involved in community and campaigning groups, including trades unions, for their support and a refusal to condemn and disown those involved in riots; stating that instead everything possible must be done to engage with them, recognising their actions as part of the broad range of responses to the neoliberal cuts programme.

Read more, sign and share at Nottingham Students Against Fees and Cuts.