Fe-mail #3: Irony

14 Apr

D is extremely disrespectful. Sista Resista has been trying to get him to understand she doesn’t want to link him again for over 8 months now. Linking him in the first place was a mistake. This is the most recent exchange (via text):

D: I just drove past ya. You look nice and summery. Where you off to?

SR: You coulda offered me a lift? I’m late for work:/

D: You joker! After you left me outside!

SR: You mean the time I told you about 10 times not to come round, that I don’t wanna see you again, that your too disrespectful and to delete my number and you came round anyway? That was your own fault for not listening to a word I say!

D: Yea yea whatever. Can I come see you later?

SR: I say you don’t listen to a word I say and you reply “yea yea whatever”? Do you understand how ironic this is?

(Two days later)

D: Heyy what you saying.. what you up to?

SR: At a conference with work

D: Am I coming to see ya for a bit later then?

One Response to “Fe-mail #3: Irony”

  1. LiseyDuck May 16, 2011 at 10:57 am #

    I have a ‘D’ too, he doesn’t have a car which is why I can spot they’re not the same guy – sad because that means there are multiple tossers out there…

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