This is the start of a new column on our blog – Fe-mail. In this section we will post real-life feminist responses to incoming texts, e-mails, phone calls and conversations in the hopes that they may serve as examples to other feminists who are also working to unlearn internalised sexism and put their anti-oppressive beliefs into daily practice. Add examples from your life to the comments and you may see them in an upcoming edition of Fe-mail.

Today’s Fe-mail focuses on a text exchange between a Sista Resista (SR) and a potential suitor (PS), who met the Sista near her home only once, a year earlier, asked for her number, holla’d a couple times, and never contacted her again…until…

Potential Suitor: hey, u still livin in (name of place)?

Sista Resista: no, I moved. haven’t heard from u in forever

PS: been busy. just scrolling through my phone and thought i’d say hi.

SR: oh, you mean u broke up with the girlfriend must have had when u met me, which explains why i haven’t heard from u in a year. and now ur looking through ur numbers to see who else you can holla at. well, u can delete mine, because i’m not having it.