Cut War, Not Services

23 Mar
Cut War Not Services

Banner for UK Uncut and Notts SOS Day of Action 19 March 2011

One Response to “Cut War, Not Services”

  1. phatgurl June 8, 2012 at 7:37 am #

    My boy friend of six years has this girl his talking to he tells me his using her for money cause we are doing a lil bad he talks to her everday or ever other day we argue about this girl i told him to stop talking to her he always makes up stuff like i talk to her cause i know it makes u mad does it make u mad when i talk to her last night he said she will give him money to pick her up from work i got mad then i just said go he say he have to spend alil time with her to get money he left at 11:45 and came back at 3:55 someone please tell me whats going on or help thanks

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